Welcome to Leading Edge Writing Services

I am a freelance writer, author, and business entrepreneur who has owned my online writing services firm since 2005.

My extensive client base is comprised of students, business professionals, and aspiring novelists.

Whether you are a student who needs to improve upon your writing skills...

or an adult who has been longing to write "that book" you have envisioned for so many years...

my instruction will ensure that you achieve your goals.

A little about me...

Prior to becoming a professional writer and published author, I was an honors English teacher and university professor...

consequently, "once a teacher...always a teacher".

Although I always placed an emphasis on the writing process in the classroom, many other educators unfortunately did not share the same mindset.

As a result, I consistently had students ask for my assistance because they knew I would empower them with the skills they needed

to perfectly craft their SAT, ACT, and college application essays.

In time, adults and aspiring authors began approaching me as well,

and I also provided them with the essentials required to become proficient writers.

I have continued to offer offer my expertise because not only is writing my passion - it is what I do.

Services include:

* Writing Instruction
* Proofreading
* Editing
* Reformatting
* Manuscript rewrites
* Ghostwriting
* Reports
* Presentations
* Resumes

If I can be of assistance,

please feel free to contact my office at 239-692-3530.